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Protec Instrument Trolley

Protec Instrument Trolley

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The Protec Instrument Trolley is a lightweight, 2-section trolley designed for musicians on the go. Its sturdy base expands to accommodate larger cases and can be adjusted to various heights for added convenience.

This trolley is compatible with a range of Protec cases, including the IP301D Double Trumpet Case, IP301T Triple Trumpet Case, IP301Q Quad Trumpet Case, PB301F Flugel/Trumpet Combination Case, PB316SBDLX French Horn Screw Bell Deluxe PRO PAC, PBTRIALT TRI PAC Case for Alto Sax, Clarinet, & Flute, and the PB317 Bassoon PRO PAC Case.

With its robust design and versatility, the Protec Instrument Trolley is an essential tool for any traveling musician.

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