Clarinet Clean, Oil & Adjust

The COA Difference

Our COA service is a thorough process, tailored to enhance every aspect of your woodwind instrument. It includes:

  • Cleaning: A deep cleaning to remove accumulated dirt and residues, safeguarding your instrument’s aesthetic and functional integrity.

  • Oiling: Precise oiling of the mechanism, ensuring smooth operation and protection against wear.

  • Adjusting: Fine-tuning of all moving parts, pads, and mechanisms for optimal performance and ease of play.

The Harmonious Advantages

Choosing our COA service brings you several key benefits:

  • Pristine Sound Quality: Experience the clarity and richness of tone, with each note sounding its best.

  • Fluid Playability: Our adjustments make playing effortless, enhancing your musical expression.

  • Instrument Longevity: Regular COA services extend the life of your instrument, preserving its value and performance.