Uebel Classic Clarinet
Uebel Classic Clarinet
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Uebel Classic Clarinet
Uebel Classic Clarinet

F. Arthur Uebel Classic Bb Clarinet


This F. Arthur Uebel Classic Clarinet is the perfect choice for musicians seeking a reliable and high-quality instrument. Featuring a classic look and a crafted wooden body, this clarinet offers superior intonation and stability. With an even sound and projection, this clarinet is ideal for both professional and amateur musicians.

The Uebel Classic Clarinet is the entry professional level clarinet of the Uebel line up. It has an energetic sound and great flexibility. The ergonomically efficient key work is combined with elegant silver plating and the highest quality leather pads to provide a joyful musical experience.

The Uebel Classic Clarinet clarinet comes with:

  • 17 Keys and 6 rings
  • Optional auxiliary Eb Lever (Classic-L)
  • "Classic" Bore
  • 2 Barrels
  • Adjustable, ergonomic thumbrest
  • F. Arthur Uebel Leather Pads
  • Inlaid sterling silver signet

    Classic: Young Virtuoso's Choice

    Uebel's 'Classic' clarinet emerges as the ideal instrument for aspiring musicians, particularly suitable for beginner to intermediate players. Its uniquely designed bore facilitates a beautiful tone across all dynamics, making it a perfect fit for young enthusiasts. Tailored for players up to late junior high or early high school, the 'Classic' helps in mastering nuanced tonal control and expressive playing, nurturing musical growth at every stage.

    7-Year Aged Excellence

    The Uebel 'Classic' stands out with its meticulously aged 7-year wood, offering a richness of sound synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship. Complemented by heavy plating for durability and a generous 5-year warranty, this instrument not only delivers in terms of tonal quality but also assures longevity and reliability. Ideal for dedicated learners, the 'Classic' represents a harmonious blend of tradition and assurance, making it a wise investment for the developing musician.

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