F. Arthur Uebel Étude Bb Clarinet
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F. Arthur Uebel Étude Bb Clarinet

F. Arthur Uebel Étude Bb Clarinet


This F. Arthur Uebel Étude Bb Clarinet features an Eb Lever for enhancing its agility and allowing for more flexibility when playing. It's crafted from African blackwood for a rich sound and increased stability, making it an ideal choice for clarinetists of all levels

Experience unprecedented clarity and tone with the Étude Clarinet! Its superb craftsmanship and superior resonance offer a playing experience like no other. Unleash your creativity and make beautiful music with the Uebel Etude Clarinet!

The F. Arthur Uebel Étude Bb Clarinet has a special low resistance design that creates a feeling of celebration for players entering the musical world. Its innovative combination of an ABS-plastic body with a naturally dried Grenadilla wood barrel offers unparalleled fullness of tone and ease of play to the newcomer.
The F. Arthur Uebel Étude Bb Clarinet features:
  • 17 Keys and 6 rings (18 Key on Étude-L)
  • ABS Body
  • Optional auxiliary Eb Lever (Étude-L)
  • "Étude" Bore
  • 1 Grenadilla Barrel
  • Adjustable, ergonomic thumbrest
  • F. Arthur Uebel Leather Pads
  • Silver plated keywork 

    Etude: Full-Tone Fusion

    The Uebel Etude redefines the clarinet experience with its unique ABS-Plastic body and Grenadilla wood barrel. This innovative design results in a remarkably full and resonant tone, setting a new standard for clarinet sound. Ideal for both practice and performance, the Etude offers an exceptional tonal quality that elevates every note.

    Uebel's Novice Masterpiece

    Uebel's entry-level clarinet stands out with its low resistance, a design that empowers beginners. This thoughtful construction enables new players to produce a rich, full sound with ease. The instrument is crafted to facilitate quick learning and satisfying musical expression, making it an excellent choice for those embarking on their clarinet journey.

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