F. Arthur Uebel Zenit Bb Clarinet - MRW Artisan Instruments
F. Arthur Uebel Zenit Bb Clarinet - MRW Artisan Instruments
F. Arthur Uebel Zenit Bb Clarinet - MRW Artisan Instruments
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F. Arthur Uebel Zenit Bb Clarinet - MRW Artisan Instruments
F. Arthur Uebel Zenit Bb Clarinet - MRW Artisan Instruments
F. Arthur Uebel Zenit Bb Clarinet - MRW Artisan Instruments

F. Arthur Uebel Zenit Bb Clarinet


Uebel Zenit Bb Clarinet: The Pinnacle of Clarinet Craftsmanship

Discover unmatched musical excellence with the Uebel Zenit Bb Clarinet. Tailored for the consummate professional, this instrument delivers superior sound quality, with a design that blends tradition with innovation. Its rich, resonant tone and precise intonation ensure a remarkable performance experience, ideal for both concert stages and intimate venues.

Robust Tone and Superior Intonation The Uebel Zenit Bb Clarinet is constructed from select grenadilla wood, known for its acoustic richness. This material enhances the instrument’s full-bodied sound, making it perfect for blending in ensembles or standing out in solo performances. Its sophisticated bore design offers exceptional intonation and clarity.

Ergonomically Optimized for Performance Thoughtfully designed keywork, silver-plated for durability and smooth operation, provides ease of play and comfort, reducing player fatigue during extended sessions. The adjustable thumb rest and ergonomic finger placement facilitate natural hand alignment, promoting better technique and comfort.

Durable and Exquisitely Crafted This clarinet is built to meet the demands of professional use, ensuring reliability and consistency in every performance. It comes equipped with a high-quality case that offers robust protection and portability.

Key Features:

  • Premium grenadilla wood body for exceptional sound quality
  • Ergonomic keywork design for comfortable playability
  • Silver-plated keys enhance durability and aesthetic appeal
  • Adjustable thumb rest for customized comfort
  • Includes a deluxe case for secure transportation


  • Traditional Barrel — the regular barrel that showcases the standard artistic features expected of all F. Arthur Uebel clarinets; clarity, flexibility and a singing quality of sound

  • Thick Barrel — designed for the player that wishes to have a more robust, powerful and deep tone without sacrificing response

All Zenit models come with:

  • 18 Keys and 6 rings
  • Auxiliary Eb Lever
  • "Zenit" Bore
  • 4 Barrels
  • F. Arthur Uebel bell modification
  • Adjustable, ergonomic thumbrest
  • Special cast metal ring with floral ornamentation
  • LP Gore Pads
  • Inlaid sterling silver signet

**Mouthpiece and ligature pictured are not included**


    Zenit: Lush Resonance

    The Zenit, Uebel's flagship model designed by Ricardo Morales, features a true German bore for unmatched stability and warmth. It offers a unique blend of the heavy wood body similar to a Selmer Recital, yet maintains a lighter, more familiar feel akin to French major brands. The variety in plating and wood types, and the option for automatic or manual low F corrections, add to its versatility. Notably, the right hand pinky key usage is optional for upper register tuning, providing pitch and color flexibility.

    Flagship Versatility

    The Zenit clarinet is renowned for its lush, resonant tone, blending depth and power with mesmerizing sweetness and flexibility. It epitomizes artistic expression with its sophisticated intonation, smooth key work, and stunning aesthetics. Perfect for musicians seeking a sound that truly sings and captivates.

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