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Buffet Crampon Orfeo Oboe

Buffet Crampon Orfeo Oboe

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The Orfeo Series Oboe is made out of the GreenLinE material, has a French conservatory system, an all new tone hole layout and dimensions. The metal lined tenons and sockets give it the extra strength on those traditionally weaker points of the instrument. Its key work is silver plated with an automatic three octave key system. This oboe comes standard with cork and GT pads to ensure the best playability possible. 

Its entire register creates a sensation of excitement with incomparable low tones, consistency over the whole range, and a wonderfully easy flow.

Orfeo combines reliable modern materials with the tradition of handmade craftsmanship. Indeed, Greenline is used to the maximum of its technical capacity.

This instrument marks a major achievement in the Buffet Crampon brand’s history as much on a human as a technological level.

It is a true reflection of the alliance between the heritage of french instrument making, the close relationship between Buffet Crampon and great musicians from all over the world, and state of the art technology to the benefit of all.

Technical Specifications:

  • Key :C
  • Pitch :440/443 Hz
  • Body :natural Grenadilla (Dalbergia Melanoxylon) or green line (Dalbergia Melanoxylon composite) second generation,
  • Tenons :Green Line model equipped with an improved metal tenon ring for a tenon three times more resistant, tenon caps
  • Rings :Black tip
  • System :Conservatoire
  • Octave keys :3, semi-automatic, left hand F lever
  • Keywork finish :Silver-plated nickel silver
  • Keywork and mechanic :Highly reliable
  • Thumb rest :Adjustable tenon caps
  • Pads :Cork/GT (bottom notes)
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