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Buffet Crampon Prestige Eb Contra Alto Clarinet — Low Eb

Buffet Crampon Prestige Eb Contra Alto Clarinet — Low Eb

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The contra alto clarinet has a beautiful rich sound. Affiliated with the “Buffet Crampon sound”, its timbre is rich and deep.

It creates multiple sumptuous blends when combines with bassoons and bass clarinets.

The Buffet Crampon contra alto clarinet is unique as it utilizes a bass clarinet mouthpiece, making the embouchure transition much easier.

Technical Specifications:

  • KeyEb
  • Pitch: 442 Hz
  • Body: Dalbergia Melanoxylon, Natural African Blackwood
  • Neck: Two-Pieces adjustable
  • Bell: Silver Plated Copper Bell
  • Tenons: Metal-Capped
  • Features: Simplified Bb, Eb/Ab Lever
  • Thumb rest: Silver Plated
  • Keywork and mechanic: Forged keys, copper plated then silver plated
  • Springs: Blue steel for ease and accuracy of key movement
  • Pads: Leather and Cork
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