Uebel Superior C Clarinet
Uebel Superior C Clarinet
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Uebel Superior C Clarinet
Uebel Superior C Clarinet

F. Arthur Uebel Superior C Clarinet


Uebel Superior C Clarinet: Mastering Precision and Expression

Experience unparalleled mastery in your clarinet performance with the Uebel Superior C Clarinet. This expertly crafted instrument is designed for musicians who demand precision, flexibility, and a rich tonal palette. The Superior C Clarinet allows you to explore an extensive range of dynamics, providing the tools to express yourself in ways that were previously unattainable.

Elegant Tone and Responsive Playability The Uebel Superior C Clarinet features a tone that is both broad and generous, capable of delivering everything from resonant, graceful gentleness to powerful, majestic blasts. Its versatility is perfect for the nuanced demands of classical, jazz, and ensemble playing. The responsive keywork is reliable and finely tuned to ensure that every note is played with clarity and confidence.

Craftsmanship and Features This clarinet's exceptional quality is reflected in its choice materials and design:

  • Crafted from the best quality, naturally dried, seasoned Grenadilla wood, known for its tonal warmth and stability.
  • Features a refined keywork design, silver-plated for added resilience and beauty, which highlights the cultivated elegance synonymous with Uebel clarinets.
  • Includes advanced mechanisms such as an adjustable thumb rest with a ring for a strap, enhancing comfort and playability during extended performances.

Key Features:

  • Tunable neck for precise intonation
  • Range extension capabilities that explore the full expressive potential of the C clarinet
  • E♭/A♭ lever and G resonance key for superior control over the instrument's sound
  • Silver-plated neck, bell, and keywork for durability and a sleek finish
  • Inlaid sterling silver signet as a mark of Uebel quality

Expand Your Musical Expression with the Uebel Superior C Clarinet Whether you are performing a solo recital, playing in an orchestra, or engaging in chamber music, the Uebel Superior C Clarinet is the perfect instrument to elevate your musical journey. Its exceptional sound quality and ergonomic design ensure that you can perform with utmost expression and comfort.

    Superior C Mastery

    The Superior C clarinet boasts the beloved features of this line: smoothness, warmth, flexibility, and a striking presence. Its unparalleled intonation and evenness elevate it to a unique class, setting new excellence standards.

    Class-Defining C Clarinet

    Setting a new standard in its class, the Superior C clarinet is renowned for its exceptional intonation and evenness. With its smooth, warm, and flexible sound, it surpasses expectations, defining excellence in C clarinets.

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