Playnick Joy Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

Playnick Joy Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

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Key features:

  • Playnick Joy Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece is made of beautiful hard rubber material.
  • This mouthpiece is designed by Playnick and manufactured in limited edition by Jody Jazz.
  • The mouthpiece has a very warm and yet marked tone.
  • It's Surface is treated with cutting-edge technology, smooth and natural rubber.
  • The tip opening is 1.06 mm (0.042 inches). A hard rubber ligature is included to hold the reed in place.
  • This product offers crystal-clear sound and great projection.
  • Bringing the Alto Saxophone Legacy to the Bb Clarinet.

Other details:

  • Material: Beautiful hard rubber
  • Brand: Made by Playnick and manufactured by Jody Jazz
  • Tone: Warm and marked
  • Surface: Natural rubber
  • Tip Opening: 1.06 mm
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