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Silverstein Works Ravel Playnick Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

Silverstein Works Ravel Playnick Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

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The Playnick mouthpieces are world renowned for their warm, round sound. These hand-finished mouthpieces are crafted with only the highest quality premium hard rubber. They are initially manufactured using a 5-axis fully automated CNC machine, then each mouthpiece is hand-finished and play tested to ensure perfection every time.

The Ravel bass clarinet mouthpiece is more for the symphonic repertoire. This mouthpiece has a medium-closed facing of about 1.96mm. 

Made with highest-quality class AA natural hard rubber out of a rod. Additionally we have added a sound-optimized structure in our rods to make the raw material resonating at its best for the classical and romantic sound picture. Our material is food safe and it is 100% pure hard rubber.

This mouthpiece fits a Silverstein Size 11 Ligature
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