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W. Schreiber S31 Professional Bassoon

W. Schreiber S31 Professional Bassoon

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W. Schreiber equips their professional bassoons with 10 year old Alpine Maple bodies, a Luracast lining in the wing and boot join, silver plated keys, a high E key, and two hand-hammered silver plated bocals.

This instrument has a high E key on the wing joint. This helps avoid the smallest inaccuracies. The mechanism from this model upwards is fixed with axle nuts and pointed head screws.

This provides greater stability, and avoids disturbing background noise. The handcrafted mechanism offers maximum playing comfort.

Technical Specifications:

  • Wood :Alpine maple
  • Keywork :Handmade and silver-plated, 25 keys
  • Bocals :2 (KER1 & 2), silver plated
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