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W. Schreiber S41 Professional Contra-Bassoon — to Low Bb

W. Schreiber S41 Professional Contra-Bassoon — to Low Bb

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Buffet Crampon's elegant contra bassoon is designed with 10 year old Alpine Maple bodies, a Luracast lining in the wing and boot joint, silver plated keys, a high E key, and two hand-hammered silver plated bocals.

Schreiber’s contrabassoons enrich the entire bassoon section in any orchestra. Its very even response and ergonomic keywork make the transition from bassoon to contrabassoon easy, even during a performance. Intonation is also helped by the tuning slide.

Technical Specifications:

  • Key :Low Bb
  • Wood :10 year old mountain maple
  • Keywork :Doubled Eb key, high D and high Eb keys on the wing joint, key guards on B, D, A and F#, silver-plated nickel silver mechanism, Rollers B-F#, C#, D#, Eb-D, F-F#, Ab, C#, 1st and 2nd octave keys tuning slide, adjustable spike
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