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AMBIPOLY Primo Bb Clarinet Reeds

AMBIPOLY Primo Bb Clarinet Reeds

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AMBIPOLY Primo Bb Clarinet Reeds are the perfect reed choice for cane reed players hesitant about trying reeds of a different material. AMBIPOLY Primo Bb Clarinet Reeds are ideal for the demands of chamber music and recital performances, where timbral quality and precision of execution and articulation are of the utmost importance.

Primo requires greater embouchure control and plays with more resistance. The result is a very centered, slightly darker, warm and focused sonority. The reed gives a traditional authentic clarinet sound with the subtlety and nuance of expression that cane players love.

With its rich and lush sonority, the AMBIPOLY Primo Bb Clarinet Reeds excel at blending with other instrumental voices. Discerning cane reed players will find the Primo’s dynamic range, resistance, flexibility and warmth surprisingly familiar.


About the material:

All of our Ambipoly reeds feature these great benefits, without the hassles of dealing with cane:

  • Concert-ready warm and round sound with immediate response and clarity
  • Feels and plays like cane, not plastic
  • Rich harmonics over a full dynamic range
  • Clear altissimo
  • Secure articulation and intonation
  • Stable regardless of temperature, humidity or altitude
  • Absorbs and retains water for harmonic coherence
  • Perfectly customizable with your favorite reed tool
  • Food-grade synthetic material
  • Extremely long expected lifespan
  • Never splinters, no micro cracks
  • Pairs to your embouchure like cane.
  • 14-day “No Hassle” Product Purchase Guarantee

Expected lifetime of the PRO model is 12 months with proper care including;

  • Do not bite too strong. If you do so, choose MM or MH and scrape the tip down, instead of MS.
  • Rinse with clean water and dry after playing to prevent saliva plaque (Mouthwash may be used).

Purchase with confidence! Your purchase is guaranteed for 14 days under our “No Hassle” guarantee. We will be happy to work with you to help you find the right reed for your needs.

6-month Ambipoly Reed Replacement Guarantee

Play with confidence! Ambipoly reeds are an extraordinarily cost-effective alternative to any currently available reed. They will provide a superior playing experience, reliably and consistently, day-after-day. And now they are guaranteed for 3 months!

To get the 6 month lifetime warranty, all customers MUST register their Ambipoly Reed within 30 Days from the original purchase date.

Ambipoly. Simply a better reed.

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