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Buffet Crampon Tosca 1195 Bb Bass Clarinet — Low C

Buffet Crampon Tosca 1195 Bb Bass Clarinet — Low C

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Buffet Crampon, with a dedicated strategy for the continued development and improvement of their instrument range, introduced a new professional bass clarinet in 2014.

This new bass is in keeping with the high standards of their celebrated models produced before 1998, giving players a subtle blend of traditional and new technologies.

This new Tosca bass clarinet, conceived for the symphonic orchestras, broadens the spectrum of sound already appreciated in the existing B-flat and A models launched in 2004 the E-flat model in 2010.

Its well-focused sound and luminous tone, assisted by a unique new register key system, allows the most demanding musician the ability to play the instrument’s entire repertoire with an exceptional freedom and confidence.

Its intuitive, soundless Tosca mechanism liberates the artist from the usual constraints imposed by the key action on the lower joint and the movements of the plateau keys of the instrument.

Its price positioning will make this bass clarinet the best performing offer on the global market. The Tosca range is now completed with this unique bass clarinet.

Technical Specifications:

  • KeyBb
  • BodyGrenadilla (Dalbergia Melanoxylon)
  • BoreNew Tosca bore Design
  • TenonsMetal-capped
  • NeckSynthetic cork on tenon with neck adjusting screw
  • Keys (design)24 silver-plated with Tosca design
  • Keys (system)Unique register key system (bright Bb)
  • Keys (system)Rubber dampers for soundless key action
  • Thumb KeyAdjustable with new thumb key system
  • KeysNew double low D & Eb
  • PadsLeather, leather with metal resonators, cork
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