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F. Arthur Uebel Preference Bb Clarinet - MRW Artisan Instruments

F. Arthur Uebel Preference Bb Clarinet


Uebel Preference Bb Clarinet: Versatility and Excellence in Every Note

Experience the exquisite tonal beauty of the Uebel Preference Bb Clarinet, a remarkable instrument known for its impressive evenness and versatile sound. Whether navigating the delicate dynamics of chamber music or the robust demands of a concert hall, the Preference Bb Clarinet performs with exceptional security and ease, capable of producing both a gentle whisper and a resounding reverberation.

Optimized for Performance and Comfort This clarinet features an ergonomically optimized design, ensuring that each note is played with minimal effort and maximum comfort. The 18 keys and 6 rings are silver-plated, providing a smooth, responsive feel and adding an elegant touch to the instrument's aesthetic. An Eb lever enhances technical capabilities, allowing for more expressive playing and easier finger transitions.

Superior Materials for Superior Sound Crafted from carefully selected, naturally dried, seasoned Grenadilla wood, the Preference Bb Clarinet is built to deliver a warm, rich tone that is consistently even across all registers. The "Preference" bore is specifically designed to enhance the clarinet's acoustic properties, ensuring a sound that is both full-bodied and finely balanced.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomically optimized design for comfort and performance
  • 18 keys and 6 rings with silver-plated finish for durability and style
  • Carefully selected seasoned Grenadilla wood for depth and clarity of sound
  • "Preference" bore for optimal sound projection and evenness
  • Includes two barrels for tuning flexibility
  • Eb lever for expanded technical performance
  • LP Gore Pads for reliable sealing and smooth action
  • Adjustable thumb rest for personalized comfort

Rediscover Your Musical Passion with the Uebel Preference Bb Clarinet With its blend of aesthetic elegance and technical prowess, the Uebel Preference Bb Clarinet is ideally suited for musicians seeking an instrument that excels across a variety of musical styles and settings. Embrace the sound that lets you express your musical preference without compromise.

    Professional Vibrance

    The 'Preference' stands out in Uebel's professional lineup, offering vibrant playability with its moderately resistant bore. It's designed for responsiveness across genres, making it a versatile choice for pros.

    Responsive Mastery

    A joy for any genre, the 'Preference' clarinet features a moderate bore that approaches a full German style, ensuring a responsive and enriching musical experience for professionals.

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