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ZMC Clarinet Barrels — ‘Fat-Boy’ Style

ZMC Clarinet Barrels — ‘Fat-Boy’ Style

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Unlock the true potential of your clarinet with ZMC Clarinet Barrels. Hand-selected woods aged to perfection and precision-engineered bores combine to deliver unparalleled sound customization. From the rich, dark tones of Grenadilla to the bright clarity of Cocobolo, each barrel is a masterpiece of craftsmanship designed for the discerning musician. Elevate your performance with a barrel tailored to your sonic preference and playing style.

Look below to discover the wide range of wood and bore types at your fingertips when you select a ZMC Clarinet Barrels. With so many options, you're sure to find the perfect fit.

*Please Note: Any ZMC Clarinet Barrels that are custom ordered will incur an additional $30 processing fee.*
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First choice: sound

Start by selecting the barrel that sings to your ears with the richest tone. At this point, it's all about the sound's color – pure and simple. Don't worry about the perfect pitch or how it feels just yet. That part comes when you're ready to pick your bore.

Second Step: Feel

With the right wood type in mind, it's time to refine your choice. Search for the barrel that offers superior intonation and the most comfortable playing experience. This step is about finding the bore that complements your sound and enhances your performance.