Clarinet Chimney Repair/Replacement

Ensure Proper Tone Production

Our chimney repair and replacement service addresses chips, cracks, or other issues with the chimneys of your clarinets' tone holes, essential for accurate pitch and sound production.

Service Features:

  • Accurate Repair: Carefully repairing or replacing chimneys to restore proper function.

  • Enhanced Intonation: Ensuring precise pitch and sound production.

  • Durability: Using high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting repairs.
  • Before

    A damaged clarinet chimney can significantly impact your instrument’s performance. Notice the cracks and wear that can cause air leaks and affect sound quality.

  • After

    Our expert repair services have restored this clarinet chimney to perfect condition. Seamless repairs ensure optimal airflow and sound, bringing your instrument back to life.

Instruments Serviced

  • Bb Clarinets

  • A Clarinets

  • Bass Clarinets

  • Alto Clarinets

  • Eb Clarinets

  • C Clarinets

  • Basset Horns

  • Basset Clarinet

  • Contra Altos

  • Contra Basses

  • D Clarinets

  • G Clarinets

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