Clarinet Pad Upgrades

Pad Upgrades

Our pad upgrade service replaces worn or inferior pads with high-quality alternatives, ensuring better sealing and improved response for a more reliable and expressive performance. Choose from a variety of premium pad options tailored to your playing needs:

  • Leather Pads: Providing a durable and comfortable seal with a warm tonal quality.

  • Cork Pads: Offering excellent sealing properties and longevity, ideal for professional use.

  • Valentino Masters Series: High-performance synthetic pads that offer consistency and reliability in all conditions.

  • Clarisono Quartz Pads: Precision-engineered pads that provide superior airtight sealing and improved tonal clarity.

The options for pads can be endless. If there are specific clarinet pads that you like I can install any pad you would like!