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Clarinet Clean, Oil, and Adjustment

Clarinet Clean, Oil, and Adjustment

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This clarinet repair service includes an annual cleaning and maintenance check-up for your instrument. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly clean the clarinet, removing any dirt or buildup from the inside and polishing the exterior. We will also inspect the clarinet for any necessary adjustments, repairs, pad replacements or any other maintenance needed (up to 5 or 6 issues). We will make sure that all the keys and mechanisms are working properly, and that the clarinet is in proper playing condition.

With this service, you can ensure that your clarinet stays in top shape and plays its best. Trust us to take care of your beloved instrument and help you keep you sounding and performing at your best.

Keep in mind, if we find more than 5 or 6 issues it will be upgraded from a C.O.A. to standard playing condition repair or overhaul depending on the number of issues found. To prevent any surprise bills we always obtain quote approval before completing any work on your instrument. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Our annual COA includes:

  • Full cleaning of clarinet body, barrel, and bell
  • Key Polishing
  • Inspection of clarinet body, pads, and cork
  • Oil the bore and body (wooden clarinets only)
  • Replace up to 5 damaged or worn pads
  • Replace any missing key corks
  • Thoroughly clean and oil all hinge rods and pivot screws to ensure maximum mobility
  • Case cleaning to remove any accumulated debris
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