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Saxophone Overhaul

Saxophone Overhaul

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Premium Saxophone Overhaul Service

Breathe new life into your beloved saxophone with our comprehensive saxophone dverhaul service. Designed for musicians who value precision, quality, and impeccable sound, this service transforms your instrument into a masterpiece of playability and tone.

What We Do for a Saxophone Overhaul:

  • Complete Disassembly: Every part of your saxophone is carefully taken apart for a thorough inspection.
  • Detailed Cleaning: We meticulously clean each component, removing any build-up and restoring its original shine.
  • Pad Replacement: All pads are replaced with premium quality materials for flawless sealing and response.
  • Key Adjustment: Keys are meticulously adjusted for optimal balance, ensuring smooth and effortless play.
  • Spring Replacement: Springs are inspected and replaced as needed, revitalizing the instrument’s action.
  • Tone Hole Leveling: We ensure each tone hole is perfectly level for consistent sound production.
  • Regulating and Syncing: The mechanism is fine-tuned for precise key action and synchronization.
  • Play Testing: Our professional technicians play-test your saxophone to guarantee peak performance.

This overhaul not only rejuvenates your instrument but also enhances your playing experience, allowing you to reach new heights in your musical journey. Entrust your saxophone to our experts and experience the transformation.

Elevate Your Performance: A saxophone overhaul isn’t just maintenance; it’s an investment in your musical passion. Let us help you unlock the true potential of your instrument.


Pricing Note: Displayed prices are starting rates. The final cost depends on the specific repairs and enhancements made to your saxophone. Contact us for a personalized quote.

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