Student Clarinets

Composite Clarinets

Composite clarinets are generally made up of ABS plastic, hard rubber, or a blend of resin embedded with wood particles. This type of clarinet is beneficial for beginning students because they are more affordable than fully wooden instruments and require less maintenance. They also tend to be more durable and resistant to cracking, making them ideal for young players who may be rough with their instruments. Additionally, composite clarinets are often more consistent in tone and intonation than wooden clarinets, which can help beginning students develop a better sense of pitch and tone production. Overall, composite clarinets provide a reliable and cost-effective option for students just starting out on the clarinet.

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Step-Up Student Clarinets

Step-Up clarinets are designed for intermediate or advanced players who have outgrown their beginner clarinet and are looking for a more nuanced and expressive sound. Step-up wooden clarinets are typically hand-crafted and feature higher-quality materials, such as silver-plated keys and a more precisely machined bore. The wood used in these instruments is carefully selected and aged to ensure optimal resonance and stability. Compared to beginner clarinets, step-up wooden clarinets offer a wider dynamic range and a more refined tonal quality, allowing players to achieve a greater degree of expressiveness and nuance in their playing. Additionally, these instruments are often more customizable, with the option to choose between different bore sizes, keys, and other features to suit the player's individual preferences.

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Entry Level Professional Clarinets

Entry-level professional clarinets are intermediate-level instruments designed for players who are looking to upgrade from a student-level or beginner clarinet, but are not yet ready to invest in a top-of-the-line professional instrument. These clarinets typically feature more advanced features than beginner models. Entry-level professional clarinets typically have a more responsive and complex sound than student models. They also offer more advanced keywork, such as additional keys and mechanisms to facilitate more challenging fingerings and techniques. While entry-level professional clarinets are not as high end as top-of-the-line professional instruments, they are an excellent option for players who are looking to improve their sound and technique without breaking the bank. With their high-quality construction and advanced features, entry-level professional clarinets are a solid investment for intermediate players who are serious about their craft.

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