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W. Schreiber S16 Bassoon

W. Schreiber S16 Bassoon

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This W. Scheiber Performance bassoon features silver plated keys, a high D key, 10 year Alpine Maple Wood body, and a Luracast bore lining in wing and boot joints.

Based on the experience gathered since 1825, Buffet Crampon has developed a model for our times. The bore and tone hole layout have been reworked, the keywork optimized, the butt joint plug redesigned, and the finishing constantly improved. The sound has become larger, more homogenous, and the bottom notes respond with ease.

Making of the W. Schreiber Bassoon

Technical Specifications:


  • Wood :Mountain maple wood
  • Keywork :25 keys including high D key, whisper key lock, second Bb key, C# trill key, silver-plated
  • Rollers :4 rollers, F-Ab, C#-Eb
  • Crook :2 crooks (KER 1 & 2)
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