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Backun Q Series Bb Professional Clarinet (Demo Model)

Backun Q Series Bb Professional Clarinet (Demo Model)

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This Backun Q Series Bb Professional Clarinet is a demo model that offers exceptional sound quality and superior craftsmanship. Its ergonomic keys and ergonomic key spacing make it comfortable to play, and its advanced acoustical engineering ensures precise intonation and a full sound. The choice of many professional clarinetists, this model is sure to elevate your performance.

The Backun Q Series (2nd generation) is a fantastic instrument for the aspiring student and performing professional. It’s quick response and awesome projection are sure to be a crowd pleaser. The Q Series features leather pads, blued needle springs, 65 mm and 66 mm Lumiere barrels, a Lumiere bell, and silver plated keys.

This instrument was a demo model for our store, but now it is time for it to find a good home. As with all of our instruments, this clarinet is set up and ready to play.

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