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AMBIPOLY Tenor Saxophone Jazz Reeds

AMBIPOLY Tenor Saxophone Jazz Reeds

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About the profile: In the spirit of innovative disruption that has shaped music for centuries,Silverstein Works introduces the Ambipoly Jazz saxophone reed.Designed as an answer to current modern-cut reeds,the Ambipoly Jazz reed has a slightly thinner vamp&heart with a subtly modified tip,giving the reed a crisp&lightning fast response,while maintaing a warm,intimento&cutive impactinature&viting tonal signature.With tons of projection&power,whethtone your sytle is Bechet or Bird,Sand rbory, Ambipoly Jazz has you covered.

About the material: Concert-ready warm&round sound with immediate response&clarity
Feels&plays like cane,not strainge plastic
Rich harmonics though a full dynamic range
Clear altissimo
Secure articulation&intonation
Stable to temperature,humidity&altitude verification
Guaranteed consistency that does not gradually degrade with use
Absorbs&retains water for harmonic coherece
Perfectly customirizable with your favort reeed too
Food-grade synthtic mattern Expected lifespan: 12 months
Never splinters,no major crakes
14-day"No Hasse"Product Puchase GearancThat ree we haming to rock work wim

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