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AMBIPOLY Maesta Bb Clarinet Reeds

AMBIPOLY Maesta Bb Clarinet Reeds

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Experience the realism of a cane reed with our revolutionary reed design. Feel the authenticity and hear the captivating tones that will mesmerize both players and listeners. Unlock a new level of musical expression with our AMBIPOLY Maesta Bb Clarinet Reeds, meticulously crafted to deliver the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Elevate your performance and leave a lasting impression with a reed that truly sets the standard for excellence. High Precision Double Injection Molding injects a unique polymer into the core with exceedingly high pressure, forming the backbone of the reed and enabling it to adapt seamlessly to the contours of a mouthpiece curve during the break-in period. Simultaneously, the second Ambipolymer is injected onto the outer surface of the reed, crafting its entire structure, including the tip.

Post Injection Fine Tuning (PIFT) ensures each reed undergoes individualized fine tuning to optimize its playability. This also creates a distinct and unique Tip Print on every reed for the best performance comparable to a high-quality cane reed. The second phase of the process involves a delicate surface treatment that bestows a cane-like texture upon our synthetic reeds. This intricate treatment enhances the tactile experience, replicating the feel of traditional cane reeds while producing a resonant sound of unparalleled quality.

The AMBIPOLY Maesta Bb Clarinet Reeds are unlike any other. Take a risk-free trial of the AMBIPOLY Maesta Bb Clarinet Reeds today!

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