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Buffet Crampon Tradition A Clarinets

Buffet Crampon Tradition A Clarinets

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2019 sees the TRADITION clarinet donning a new dress, worthy of the resounding success generated by her big sister, LEGENDE, after her public debut in 2017.

“Sound at its purest level” has become the motto of this new family of cylindrical bores, descended from the BC20, a clarinet iconic of the brand. The woody, well-centered tone conquered the world, inspiring us to innovate, transform and reinvent ourselves.

This new opus offers enhanced technical characteristics borrowed directly from the high-range model, LEGENDE, with its metal tenon caps and a low F correction key while preserving the identical acoustic attributes of the first version. Its new vertical medallion lends an elegance befitting a member of this new bore family. The natural, unstained buffed wood that make this clarinet, as well as its traditionally crafted keywork, all done in the workshops in Mantes la Ville, France, are what make this an exceptional professional clarinet, one that both literally and figuratively shines.

We are proud to present TRADITION and LEGENDE as professional options that are innovative while respecting the traditional craftsmanship handed down over generations by the master woodwind makers who laid the foundations of our success.

Technical Specifications:

  • KeyA
  • Pitch440/442 Hz
  • BodyNatural Grenadilla wood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon) selected, treated
  • BoreCylindrical
  • Barrels64 and 65 mm
  • Keys19
  • Rings6
  • Thumb restAdjustable
  • Keywork finishSilver plated or nickel plated
  • SpringsBlue steel
  • PadsGT waterproof, leather and natural cork
  • Casepochette style, simili-leather, dark naugahyde
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