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Chedeville Umbra Bb Clarinet Barrel

Chedeville Umbra Bb Clarinet Barrel

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The Chedeville Umbra Clarinet Barrels have been designed to give your clarinet sound more warmth, depth and body and also to provide better intonation and less resistance. The conical interior taper of the Barrel enhances airflow and efficiency and the exact interior dimensions improve intonation as compared to the standard issue Clarinet barrel. And because it is made from our proprietary ‘Chedeville Rubber’, the Chedeville Umbra Clarinet Barrel also adds less weight to the overall playing experience when compared to the traditional barrel.

Capture a rich and nuanced soundscape with the Chedeville Umbra Clarinet Barrel. Crafted from the finest materials, this barrel is a work of art, allowing you to explore a range of tones and timbres with exquisite precision. Your performances will be elevated to new heights of sophistication with this exclusive and luxury clarinet barrel.

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