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F. Arthur Uebel Advantage A Clarinet

F. Arthur Uebel Advantage A Clarinet

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Explore the Artistic Excellence with the Uebel Advantage A Clarinet

Step into a world of refined sound and precision with the Uebel Advantage A Clarinet. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this instrument embodies the legacy of German craftsmanship, offering a superb playing experience for both aspiring and professional clarinetists. The Uebel Advantage A stands out in the clarinet family for its warm tone and exceptional playability.

Superior Sound Quality The Advantage A is designed to deliver a beautifully balanced and rich sound. Constructed from select grenadilla wood, known for its acoustic properties, it provides a warm, full-bodied tone that is consistent across registers. The instrument’s bore design enhances its intonation and focus, making it a favorite among musicians who value precision and clarity in their performance.

Ergonomic Keywork for Enhanced Playability Uebel clarinets are renowned for their ergonomic key placement. The Advantage A Clarinet features keys that are thoughtfully positioned to fit naturally under the fingers, reducing hand fatigue and allowing for longer playing sessions without discomfort. Silver-plated keys not only add a touch of elegance but also ensure smooth, quiet operation.

Built for Consistency and Durability Every Uebel Advantage A Clarinet is built to withstand the demands of daily use while maintaining its high sound quality and playability. The use of grenadilla wood not only enhances the tonal qualities but also ensures the instrument’s durability. Additionally, each clarinet is equipped with an adjustable thumb rest to accommodate individual player comfort and prevent strain.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from high-quality grenadilla wood for superior tone
  • Ergonomically designed keywork for effortless play
  • Adjustable thumb rest for customized comfort
  • Comes with a premium case and mouthpiece
  • Ideal for both advanced students and professional musicians

Elevate Your Musical Journey with the Uebel Advantage A Clarinet The Uebel Advantage A Clarinet is a testament to the craftsmanship and innovation that define Uebel’s reputation in the woodwind community. Whether you are performing in a symphony orchestra, participating in a chamber ensemble, or practicing solo repertoire, this clarinet will inspire and enhance your musical expression.

All Uebel Advantage A Clarinet models come with:

  • 17 Keys and 6 rings
  • Auxiliary Eb Lever
  • "Advantage" Bore
  • 2 Barrels
  • Adjustable, ergonomic thumbrest
  • Special cast metal ring with floral ornamentation
  • F. Arthur Uebel Leather Pads
  • Inlaid sterling silver signet
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